FDR&New Deal

FDR&New Deal - Franklin D Roosevelt Hitler became...

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Hitler became chancellor of Germany a few weeks before FDR was sworn into office. Europe was clearly headed to war in 1936 and WWII erupted in 1937. Younger Years: -- Born into an Aristocratic family in the late 19 th century. He was home schooled until age 14. Always around adults. Was a mama’s boy and his Dad died when FDR was young. --Mother influenced him. She raised him to be respectful and considerate of all people, polite and courteous. --Always wanted to please people. Went to prep school at age 14. --Admired Theodore Roosevelt (distant cousin) --Graduated from Harvard and went to law school. Election of 1912 --FDR was point man for Wilson in New York. --He was appointed Assistant Secretary of Navy by Wilson. --Comes into contact with labor unions. --Brought newspaper reporter with him and began building his career. Election of 1920 --Had Polio before he was elected president. Never gave up on trying to beat the disease nor political resolve. --Democratic Party began to go from “Solid South” to reaching inward to the cities. Governor of NY (1928-1932) --Shows Democrats can have power in Republican states. --Used film and radio technology to reach out to the people. Caters to public more than most. --Made nominating speech at 1928 democratic convention. --Saw that the Stock Market Crash made Hoover’s presidency vulnerable. --Realized in the Depression that welfare was a national wide issue – an idea that national government has responsibility to help the people out. --Brains Trust – helped educate FDR on national issues and prepare papers.
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FDR&New Deal - Franklin D Roosevelt Hitler became...

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