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Promotion into Supervision

Promotion into Supervision - manager then handling people A...

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Running head: PROMOTION INTO SUPERVISION 1 Promotion into Supervision MGT210
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PROMOTION INTO SUPERVISION 2 Promotion into Supervision I believe strongly in experience pays off in the long run. Roy has been faithful and been constructive with-in Rebco Manufacturing Company for fifteen years. He has watched the company grow into a success. Roy is very structured and has the backing and team work from many of his fellow associates within the Union. He was able to organize and help have the Union established. Because of his hard work and effort he was then reelected after the three years of organization. I believe that Roy would make a good supervisor because of his ability to organize and work closely with others with a good attitude. He shows devotion, leadership skills, and the ability to manage. I do not agree with Bill Lindsay’s statement “a good manager just needs how to handle people”. I do believe this is important; however there is much more to being a good
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Unformatted text preview: manager then handling people. A good manager should be able to work under pressure although keeping his or her posture; a good manager should also be devoted, and professional with his or her employees and associates. It is also important that a good manager show organizational skills and support his roll as a supervisor even when there may be times he or she may want to be too lenient with employees for approval. In this case if Roy accepts the job he will need to remember what priorities he must have to make his job as supervisor a successful one not only for himself, also for Rebco Manufacturing Company. He will need to remember that his success is also Rebco’s success. PROMOTION INTO SUPERVISION 3 Reference Hill, M. (2004). Foundations of Supervision (8th ed.). Phoenix, AZ: The McGraw−Hill Companies....
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