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Medios Executive Summary (week2)

Medios Executive Summary (week2) - TEAM A BUSINESS...

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TEAM A BUSINESS SITUATION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Medios Incorporated is a medical technical infrastructure company that supplies advanced medical equipment to leading hospitals and other medical facilities. Medios has recently expanded it’s operations including the addition of new employees at their main headquarters in Akem, SD. With the addition of the new employees the company’s storage solution needs to be updated to reflect the influx of new employees. It has been noted that both workstations and servers have been experiencing storage concerns that have effected performance. The purpose of this document is to outline the detailed solution for Medios’ storage solution. The plan is to prohibit user files from being placed on the users’ workstations at all times. Existing servers in place at Medios’ location must not be overburdened with user files and information. A new file server would be installed and configured to act as the Home directory and profile server.
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  • Spring '10
  • home directory, new employees, MEDIOS, home directories, BUSINESS SITUATION EXECUTIVE, medical technical infrastructure

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