AC553 - assignments from Weeks 3& 4 However most of your...

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AC553 QUIZ 2 STUDY GUIDELINES Quiz 2 will be administered during Week 5. It is similar to Quiz 1 in terms of format, length and difficulty. It consists of eight multiple choice and two short answer/essay questions. There is a 90-minute time limit. A simple calculator may be useful. The quiz covers all the readings, lectures, threaded discussions, and homework
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Unformatted text preview: assignments from Weeks 3 & 4. However, most of your preparation should be focused on: 1. The assigned problems for Weeks 3 and 4, 2. The interactive study quizzes at the end of the Week 3 and 4 lectures, and 3. The threaded discussion topics for Weeks 3 and 4. Please ask questions in the Q&A thread if you have any doubts about this material. Good luck!...
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