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Clicker Questions Modules 45-59 Module 45 1. Jaydon lacks any recognition that his alcohol abuse and neglect of his family are leading to the destruction of both family and career. A psychoanalyst would suggest that Jaydon shows signs of a: a. strong ego. b. weak id. c. strong superego. d. weak ego. 2. Children who have witnessed a parent’s murder report memories that most clearly challenge Sigmund Freud’s concept of: a. rationalization. b. repression. c. the Oedipus complex. d. displacement. Module 47 1. You decide to set up a dating service based on the Big Five principles of personality. Which of the following personality types would be the best match? a. Open and Closed b. Open and Open c. Neurotic and Neurotic d. Anxious and Suspicious 2. Researchers have found that when asked to rate themselves on socially desirable dimensions such as how ethical they are or how hard they work, most people rate themselves as: a. Far below average. b.
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Clicker_Questions_Mod_45-59 - Clicker Questions Modules...

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