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final notecards - out of 36 sections in a town ship are...

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____________ out of 36 sections in a town ship are used for Gov/Public Purpose -5 What did Aldo Leopold write? -Sand County Almanac I have seen Vesuvius since, but it is a mere toy, a child's volcano, a soup- kettle, compared to this.” -Mark Twain -Comparing a Hawaiian Volcano to an Italian one Why did Herman stop the Book where he did? -Conservation movement matured and became politically strong -Echo Park Why did Charles Dickens come to America? -to go to the Factories of Lowell -to compare the roles to “Pots of misery and dispair” ….. “The contrast would be a strong one, for it would be between the Good and Evil, the living light and deepest shadow. I abstain from it, because I deem it just to do so. But I only the more earnestly adjure all those whose eyes may rest upon these pages, to pause and reflect upon the difference between this town and those great haunts of desperate misery: to call to mind, if they can in the midst of party strife and squabble, the efforts that must be made to purge them of their suffering and danger: and last, and foremost, to remember how the precious Time is rushing by.” _____________was a member of British parlement, wrote “Should Cars be allowed in Yosimete” and was involved with the American Civic Association in 1912. -James Bryce who wrote “A second World”? -Bayard Taylor What are the two Survey Systems? -French Loan Lots Township and Range What is not part of the two Survey System in Louisiana? -Parish Boundaries What is not in the Department of the Interior? -Forest Who were the two authors of “the Quadropods”? -Rev. Beckman -John James Audobon Thomas Cole painted what series of paintings? -Course of Empire What were the names (in order) of Thomas Coles series of paintings: Course of Empire? -The Savage State -The Pastoral/Acadian State
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-Consummation of Empire -Destruction -Desolation T/F: Recreation is a Value of Wilderness….FASHO What was the name of the painting sold for the American Sanitation Commision? -The Rocky Mountains -by: Albert Bierstadt What is inscribed in Thomas Jefferson’s Tombstone? -Author of Declaration of Independence -Author of the thatue for Religious Freedom -Father of Univ of Virginia The Video “Wild by Law” highlighted what three people? -Aldo Leopold -Bob Marshall -Howard Zahnizer Where was John Muir born? -Dunbar, Scotland Which Greenland is under control of the National Park Service? -National Battlefields What was the Sierra Club’s first Battle/Fighting book published in 1955? -“This is Dinosaur: Echo Park Country and its Magic Rivers” -intro by: Stegner How did Aldo Leopold set aside the Primitive area in Gila National Forest? -he got the secretary of Agriculture to set aside land in New Mexico using multi-
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final notecards - out of 36 sections in a town ship are...

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