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final notes - Franklinia- Franklinia alatamaha The lost...

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Franklinia- Franklinia alatamaha “ The lost tree” -William Bartram (son of John) -For Ben Franklin-friend of Bartram family -Alatamaha- river in Georgia John Bartram- King’s Botanist Who was the artist/nationalist of the new world? -William Bartram What is the name of this painting? -Kindred Spirits Who painted Kindred Spirits? -Asher B. Durand Who is depicted in Kindred Spirits? -Thomas Cole and William Cullen Bryant Thomas Cole: -painter -famous for establishment of Hudson River School of painting which led to Rocky mountains school of painting What was the first style(school) of art in the new world? -Hudson River School of Painting William Cullen Bryant: -poet -author -idea for central park Who painted this picture of the Rocky Mountains in 1863? -Albert Bierstadt Why is this painting by Albert Bierstadt famous? -because the amount of money it sold for and who got part of the revunues Where was this painting sold? -Sanitation Commission Auction Who was secretary of American Sanitation Commission? -Olmsted SERIES: Course of Empire Who painted the series “Course of Empire”? -Thomas Cole
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-NY historical society Names of Course of Empire in order: -Savage State -Pastoral/Acadian State -Consummation of Empire -Destruction -Desolation Savage state : rough, rugged landscape-rock Pastoral/Acadian state : pastoral lands-few people, rock Consummation of Empire : beautiful culture-rock Destruction : fires burning-young maidens running, rock Desolation: ruins of pretty buildings; trees, vegetation, life coming back- rock Where did Thomas Cole get his art education? -Europe What plant was discovered by Bartram? -Franklinia Altamaha John Muir and Gifford Pinchot were on opposite sides of the Hedge Hedgy issue Gifford Pinchot: -Forrester and Biltmore Estates in Nashville-got there because of Olmsted -tried to build a damn Roosevelt’s forester when he was governor and President
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final notes - Franklinia- Franklinia alatamaha The lost...

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