project - George Catlin A native of the Wyoming valley of...

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George Catlin A native of the Wyoming valley of Pennsylvania, George Catlin was born on July 26, 1796 in Wilkes-Barre. [2] His father, a retired lawyer, sent George to Connecticut to study law in 1817. Catlin started his adult career as a lawyer, which he pursued for only five years. [6] Catlin had a lifelong fascination with the Native Americans because when his mother was a girl, the Indians had briefly captured her and Catlin was intrigued by her experiences on the frontier. No other artist devoted himself more passionately to a single subject than George Catlin. He decided to put down the books and pick up a brush and an easel, which he would use to paint Indian portraits while traveling extensively on the North American frontier. [5] Catlin spent many years among the Indians in North and South America, determined to rescue their types and customs from oblivion. He lived with them, acquired their languages, and studied very thoroughly their habits, documenting his experiences in writing. In 1840, he came to Europe with his collection of paintings, most of which are now in the National Museum of Washington. [1] Catlin called his Indian Gallery “a collection of Nature’s dignitaries.” Making sure to honor the Native American’s traditions by seeking out leaders and others of extraordinary talent or triumph in his paintings, Catlin learned to choose his individual subjects carefully. From 1832 to 1840, Catlin painted 610 portraits of both famous and common Indians, as well as landscapes and scenes from Indian daily life. Catlin returned to the United States after
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project - George Catlin A native of the Wyoming valley of...

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