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Theater Midterm - Theater Midterm Suspension of disbelief o...

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Theater Midterm Suspension of disbelief o the audiences acceptance of the quasi-reality if a work of art that enables the playwright, director, and actors to communicate perceptions about reality; o War of the Worlds- the program was so realistic that he eliminated the audience’s aesthetic distance and broke their willing suspension of disbelief: o We put aside our concerns about everyday reality and agree to accept the play’s particular quasi reality, which communicated some perception about everyday reality. Presentational vs. Representational Theater o Presentational: makes no attempt to offer a realistic illusion onstage, and the actors openly acknowledge the audience and sometimes even invite members to participate (Peter Pan begs audience to clap their hands to help Tinker Bell) o Representational: actors never acknowledge the audience and go about their business as if there were no audience present (movies) o Beetle Juice- Examples of Acting Styles o o Audience Etiquette o Behavior prescribed for occasion of a play Poetics o Aristotle o First known text on how to write a play-talked about theater, tragedy, comedy-basic structure of good strategy o 6 elements: 1. plot= main story/series of incidents in a play/skeleton of play 2. thought/theme= moral behind the story (clues from title) 3. characters= personalities of the story, realistic, motivation and action, who you are as an individual 4. diction= word choices used in the playwright “should move the plot along” 5. song/music= encompasses all sounds you hear 6. spectacle= all the visuals we see in the play Repertory theater o A group of plays performed by a theater company during the course of
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Theater Midterm - Theater Midterm Suspension of disbelief o...

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