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Chapter 4 response 1.What Minneapolis production does your text cite as an example in the section on suspension of disbelief? The 1994 performance with artist Ron Athey in the Walker Art Center where he nicked the skin of another actor. 2.What sparked the Astor Place Riot? Two actors quarrelled-Forrest and Macready. 3.What famous film actor is featured as Brutus in the New York Times review reproduction listed in your book? Denzel Washington 4.Who wrote The Poetics? Aristotle 5.What is the first element of drama in The Poetics, as listed in your book? Plot
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Unformatted text preview: 6.What censorship act was passed in England in 1737? Licensing Act 7.Which playwright is featured in the spotlight section after the section discussing reviews? Edward Albee 8.What does it mean to bowlderize? To remove any possible vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material before publication. 9.What is a fourth wall? An imaginary wall between the actors and the audience. 10.How many minutes prior to curtain does the book suggest you arrive to pick up your tickets? At least fifteen minutes before the start of the show....
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