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Clicker Questions: Modules 31-44 Module 31: A defense attorney emphasizes to a jury that her client works full-time, supports his family, and enjoys leisure-time hobbies. Although none of this information is relevant to the trial, it is designed to make the defendant appear to be a typical member of the local community. The lawyer is most clearly attempting to take advantage of: 1. confirmation bias. 2. functional fixedness. 3. belief perseverance. 4. the representativeness heuristic. Module 32: Noam Chomsky’s theory of language acquisition holds that people have an inborn universal grammar that makes learning of language easy for children. Which of the following statements is used as support for this theory? 1. Children repeat words that they hear frequently. 2. Regardless of the language learned, children tend to make similar errors of grammar when they first begin to learn language. 3. Chimpanzees and other apes can easily learn language.
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