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Introduction to Theatre THTR 1020 (Section 1) MWF 9:40-10:30; 139 Allen Hall Office Hours: 10:30-11:30 MW or by appointment Instructor: Brook Hanemann E-mail: Office: 128 Music and Dramatic Arts Building INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE is a course designed to introduce students to theatre as a vital collaborative art. Through study of plays, performances, and key dramatic elements, an attempt will be made to heighten the student’s awareness and interest in the craft. The course will consist of lectures, reading and discussing chapters in the textbook, viewing and discussing performances (recorded or live), and writing about the productions viewed both in class and outside of class. Students will view full-length plays and short scenes of a variety of styles and genres. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions and activities. BASIC PREMISE OF THE COURSE: THTR 1020 understands theatre as a performance event that communicates to its audience through the medium of the stage. It is a visual, verbal, and aural art form experienced in live performance. Theatre has been practiced in many cultures, across many time periods. Its vitality in large part derives from its communal function, as societies use theatre to envision and debate their most important values, aims, and identities. Objectives: 1. To understand the roles and contributions of the collaborative theatre artists in the production process. 2. To appreciate theatre practices and conventions in various cultures and time periods. 3. To develop the skills and concepts that will enable students to respond to and evaluate a theatrical event (and the artistic choices therein). 4. To recognize how theatre fosters encounter with social issues and cultural debate. GENERAL EDUCATION STATEMENT: This course can be used to satisfy the General Education Arts Requirement. The goals of General Education Arts Courses include developing an informed appreciation of the roles of the arts and humanities and an understanding of other cultures and times. The course addresses the following GEAR learning objectives and aims to provide students with 1. a broad understanding of existing knowledge in the discipline 2. the ability to relate the field of study to the world at large 3. the ability to relate the field of study to other arts 4. the ability to recognize and apply aesthetic standards to an art event or an art object. 1) This course satisfies objective 1 by assuring that students gain knowledge of current production practices and understanding of the roles of various theatre artists at work in theatre today—including the playwright, director, actors, designers, and technicians. 2) This course satisfies objective 2 by incorporating lectures and discussions that focus upon how theatre
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LSU_1020_SYllabus_Final-2 - Introduction to Theatre THTR...

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