Psychology 1000_Course Outline (003) (2010-2011)2

Psychology 1000_Course Outline (003) (2010-2011)2 - THE...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO LONDON CANADA Department of Psychology 2010-2011 Psychology 1000 (formerly 020) Section 003 Introduction to Psychology 1.0 CALENDAR DESCRIPTION An introductory survey of the methods and findings of modern scientific psychology. The following topics will be covered: history and methodology, biological psychology, sensation and perception, learning and motivation, verbal and cognitive processes, developmental psychology, social psychology, individual differences (intelligence and personality), and clinical psychology. Antirequisites: Psychology 1100E (022E), Psychology 1200 (023) 3 lecture hours, 1.0 course 2.0 COURSE INFORMATION Instructor: Dr. Laura Fazakas-DeHoog Office and Phone Number: (SSC 3115) 519-472-8430 Office Hours: after class and Wednesdays 6:30 p.m. by appointment Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Course Coordinator: Dr. Mike Atkinson Teaching Assistants: Fall Term Hayden Woodley [email protected] Tara Dumas [email protected] Benjamin Wheal [email protected] Yuliya Kotelnikova [email protected] Winter Term Hayden Woodley [email protected] Caylen Cloutier [email protected] Cristi Orth [email protected] Alisha Wiechers [email protected] Mathew Barrett [email protected] Office Hours: TBA and posted on WebCT Time and Location of Lectures: Thursday 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. in NS 145 3.0 TEXTBOOK Passer, M.W., Smith, R.E., Atkinson, M.L., Mitchell, J. B., & Muir, D.W. (2008). Psychology: Frontiers and Applications . Third Canadian Edition. Toronto: McGraw Hill Ryerson. 4.0 COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is an introductory level survey of the methods and findings of modern scientific psychology. The goal is to provide students with an overview of various topic domains within the r realm of psychology. As such, students will be exposed to diverse theoretical viewpoints and various methods and procedures for the scientific investigation of psychological issues. Note: Modern psychology is scientific in nature. Consequently, we will spend a lot of time discussing science-related topics such as research design, research findings, neural functioning, sensory mechanisms, etc.
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5.0 EVALUATION The Psychology Department follows the University of Western Ontario grading guidelines, which are as follows (see ): A+ 90-100 One could scarcely expect better from a student at this level A 80-89 Superior work that is clearly above average B 70-79 Good work, meeting all requirements, and eminently satisfactory C 60-69 Competent work, meeting requirements D 50-59 Fair work, minimally acceptable F below 50 Fail COURSE EVALUATION _____________________________________________________________ October Midterm will consist of 75 multiple choice questions based on both the text (Chapters 1-4 and Appendix A) and lecture material. The October midterm is worth ………………. 20% December Exam will consist of 75 multiple choice questions based on both the text (Chapters 5-8) and lecture material. The December midterm is worth ………………….
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Psychology 1000_Course Outline (003) (2010-2011)2 - THE...

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