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Psychology Chapter 1 Mastery Quiz

Psychology Chapter 1 Mastery Quiz - explaining behaviour 9...

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Psychology Chapter 1 Mastery Quiz 1. The process of critical thinking includes asking which of the following questions 2. In psychology, the goal of being able to ______ behaviour is influenced by the goals of description, explanation and understanding, and prediction. 3. People associated with the philosophical perspective of British empiricism ____. 4. Which of the following individuals is associated with the structuralist school of thought? 5. As a young Viennese medical student in the 1880's, Freud began to focus on the disorder called ____, in which physical disorders such as blindness develop without any organic cause. 6. _____ argued that our adult personality is strongly influenced by our early childhood experiences. 7. _______ focuses on the impact of the environment on behaviour because of its influence on how we think 8. The _____ perspective focuses on free will and the search for the personal meaning of existence in
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Unformatted text preview: explaining behaviour. 9. Gestalt psychology is concerned with _____. 10. The enduring beliefs, values, behaviours, and traditions shared by a large group of people and passed on from one generation to the next is called ____. 11. This researcher contributed significantly to the biological perspective through his study of the impact of brain lesions on maze learning in rats. 12. This theoretical perspective would emphasize the role of negative thought patterns in the explanation of depression. 13. This theoretical perspective would emphasize the role of learning through conditioning to explain why people develop phobias (i.e., fear of snakes, etc.). 14. The cognitive perspective in psychology is associated with which level of analysis? 15. The specialty area of ________ is primarily focused on the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders...
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