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Chapter 13 Note - seek emotional-sexual relationships with...

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Chapter 13: Development & Expression of Sexuality -Becoming a Sexual Person- Key Aspects of Sexual Identity : Sexual Identity to refer to the complex of personal qualities, self-perceptions, attitudes, values, and preferences that guide one’s sexual behavior. 4 Key Features: 1. Sexual Orientation - An individual’s preference for emotional and sexual relationships with individuals of one gender or the other. - Heterosexuals seek emotional-sexual relationships with members of the other genders - Homosexuals
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Unformatted text preview: seek emotional-sexual relationships with members of the same-gender.-Bisexuals seek emotional-sexual relationships with members of both genders. 2. Body Image-Your view of your physical self definitely affects how you feel about yourself in the sexual domain-Positive body image is correlated with greater sexual activity, higher sexual satisfaction and fewer sexual problems Physiological Influence: Psychological Influence: Gender Differences in Sexual Socialization:...
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