October_25 - October 25/10: Sex & Gender Becoming Male or...

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October 25/10: Sex & Gender Becoming Male or Female: The Role of Biology and Socialization Part 1: Reproductive Biology : Prenatal Sexual Differentaition - Begins right from conception - Mother’s Egg has 33 chromosome and has “X” sex chromosome - Father’s Sperm also has 33 chromosome but sex chromosome is either “X” of “Y” - If X sperm fertilizes egg: genetic female (XX) - If Y sperm fertilizes egg: genetic male (XY) === A. THE GENETIC FACTOR >> first step to becoming a male or female B. The Gonadal Factor (debloplemnt of reproductive organs: testes or ovaries) - Depends on Y chromosome: - If present, it a) stimulates development of testes b) inhibits development of ovaries - Problems: “True Hermaphrodites”: - Genetic female (XX); with tyny piece of Y chromosome attached (XXy); - Big enough to stimulate development of testes, not big enough to inhibit development of ovaries (therefore BOTH) C. The hormonal Factor (development of sex organs: penis or clitoris and vagina) - testes produce androgens - when androgens are present, penis develops (The Adam Principle) - when androgens are absent, clitoris and vagina develop (The Eve Principle) - Problems: a) The Adrenogenital Syndrome: - genetic female with unusually active adrenal glands (produce androgens) - fetus develops sex organs that appear to be “male” (clitoris is enlarged, vagina is fused) b) Androgen-insentivity syndrome: - genetic male with normal testes that produce normal levels of androgen; - but body is insentive to androgens (likely that its not present) sex organs have “female” appearance >> If everything goes as planned, you are now a biological “male” or “female” (end of prenatal sexual differentiation) >> BUT, for the next decade, you can’t reproduce D. Puberty Factors (heavily influenced by hormones) - Girls (age 10-12); Boys (age 12-14) a) Development of Secondary Sex characteristics: - Boys and girls: public hair, growth spurt - Girls: breast development
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October_25 - October 25/10: Sex & Gender Becoming Male or...

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