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Jason Rawls AMH2097 The four factors of success based on money, number, location, and stereotypes. The amount of money that the group brings over, how many of them comes to the United States, the place in which they locate to. And the stereotypes that WASP’s think of them before they come over. A lot of Irish came over to America because of the many problems that the Irish people were facing back in their homeland. Problems such as overpopulation with around 8 million; there country was not able to produce the amount needed to provide for their citizens. And also being under the British ruling they had strict rules against them. They had to farm to help provide food for England. But they did not have enough food for themselves and their own families. The British did not allow them to eat any of the food that they harvest. The penalty for stealing food was getting your hands cut off or worse. They also had a potato flight that affected a large area of Europe. The potatoes in which was the main crop that they grew was spoiling. Causing starvation and killing around 1 in every 8 Irish people. Those were the main push factors for them to come to America. Once they arrived to America they settled in ethnic enclaves such as five points and Southie, many of them came with very little to no money, they did chain migration, where their family will send one family member who is usually male young with good health to America and have that person to continue to send money back, this would never stop. Chain migration worked well, but it also sent false messages to the family back home. Because their family back home was receiving a good amount of money, therefore they believe that things were going good in America. But, in all reality it wasn’t. Most of them were living in ghettos with more than 10 1
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AMH paper - Jason Rawls AMH2097 The four factors of success...

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