Amh sept 6 notes - Four factors of success Every immigrant...

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Every immigrant group has the factors First Wave Immigration (1830-1880) o Irish, Chinese, German Common factories they have o Proto-Industrial Revolution o Unskilled workers Pulls immigration because we need Unskilled workers o The unskilled worker would be train to do many different tasks o When you break up the tasks the work overall would go a lot faster o And clothing prices would go down because of this and people can now afforded clothing o Wages also goes down because you are a unskilled worker o WASP mainly want to be managers- they get paid a lot of money, and since they needed a lot of people to do the unskilled work so they did a “call out” to everyone, so people will come to America o Pro-ind rev. sent out recruiters. And I C G are the people who come Cities: New York and Boston , is what they have in common because they all go to the same city, chines go to San Franciso Not good if people go to the same place because 1845- N.Y- 35% foreign born Boston -35% foreign born 1855- n.y. – 52% foreign born WASP freak aut because so many foreign born are their, they are no longer having the majority. If you have money you can get out these cities. Chinese
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Amh sept 6 notes - Four factors of success Every immigrant...

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