Four Factories of Successbullet

Four Factories of Successbullet - It seems to WASPs like...

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o Four Factories of Success(for all immigrants Money- do you come to America with money If you come to America with money, you will be more successful You can buy things You can open your business You can buy land Money buys you time and you don’t have to take the lowest paying jobs right away. WASP’s wait on the deck to recruit poor, hungry workers If you had money, you could even own a factory or buy land outside of major cities Numbers- how? you take over the WASP’s population Larger groups don’t do as well because WASP’s want to remain the majority and they are threatened by them. Less is more! Larger groups will not assimilate Location- Common thought-immigrants disperse all over the country is not bad because they are widespread If you move away from Boston and New York, you will be more successful It intimidates WASP’s then immigrants all locate in the same area.
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Unformatted text preview: It seems to WASPs like they are taking over o Example The Irish living in Boston/New York= unsuccessful The Germans widespread (Midwest)= successful Stereotypes- what is Americas Perceived notion of you already? Is the stereotype good or bad? If you have a negative stereotype coming into the U.S you are fighting a losing battle. On the other hand, positive stereotype help you out. Example of a good stereotype was the Germans Jews o Not officially a group o Extreamly poor coming over to the u.s they had just enough to get here Therefore they were not able to own company or buy land Considered the lower working class Which is why they manly worked in tenants and sweat shops o 2 million jews came into America all at once. The Wasps felt threaten by this o Location was big cities Which was not good....
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Four Factories of Successbullet - It seems to WASPs like...

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