Free Blacks in the south - Free Blacks in the south o Age...

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Free Blacks in the south o Age of flexibility- this is when the slaves were freed in the south These free blacks married other indurturned servants who are free, their children were free and would also marry free blacks- they whole family history was free of slavery o African Americans Owning Slvaes To justify people said Africans would only own their family members to help them out and give them better lives and would treat them well. Some did this… must was very rare. The next justification was they only did it to make money and they treated the slaves very well. In reality, they treated them just like the white treated them They still had white overseers and black drivers just like white farmers o Louisiana and south Carolina These were the two states worth the most African Americans owning slaves There were 152 plantations owners at the time in these states These African Americans Slaves Owners were treated as equals. But they were still not allowed to marry the white slave owners Free blacks in the North o They are conscerned about freeing their enslaved brothes in the south o The freeblacks in the North would benefit by freeing the slaves to bring equality for all blacks o Abolitionist People who want to get rid of slavery immediately- both white and black o The amewrican anti-slaveery Society consisted of free blacks and also white o There were also individual swho were not in societiesbut wanted to help the slaves o Slaves and free African Americans were not given a ”Mr.” title, but rather ther was reffered by first name or “boy” o Freed slaves were not citizens of the United States. Depending on the state, they may hace not been allowed to own property, go to school. Ect.
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Harrit Tubman Underground railroad help them escape tand then the American Anti-slavery Society would hel[p them transition o The whites in the AAS would help them transition and find jobes and homes o Former slaves speak at Rally’s in the North They would show the marks of being whipped and talk about their experiences They would make people who were on the fence about the issue join the Anti Slavery Movement o African Americans in War and Freedom Civil War 168,000 free and enslaved AA fought for the North and the South o The north supplied AA with guns all the time, but the south only did so before the battle The war was won by the North and 4 million slaves were freed Non-compensation freeing o The slaves owners lose lots of money Most oth ethe plantation were stillthere o But they had no money to pay AA to work Reconstruction o Bringing the south back into the Union and figuring out what to do with all the “freedman” or free slaves o What do we do with the Freedmen? Thirteenth Amendment (1865)- abolished slavery
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Free Blacks in the south - Free Blacks in the south o Age...

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