lecture,italians - New York restaurants and grocery store...

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The New Immigrants- Italians o Stereotypes of Italians No such thing as Italy 1859-1919 unification was completed North v. south North Anything north of Rome South Sicily and anything south of Rome including Rome Italy-North Milan, Venice, Florence Stereotypes Skilled educated money light skinned Cosmopolitan They speak various languages and they are surrounded by many different cultures Some protestant Diverse and advanced Italy-South Rome, Naples Stereotypes: Illiterate 80% of southern Italians couldn’t sign their name Lowest class (peasants)
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They make no money doing it, they are payed in food and clothing Non-skilled farmers No money Considered “backwards” ---------------------------------don’t have------------------------ Italian Immigrants to America – Northern Italians Could have set stereotypes Wave: Formative Numbers: 26,000 Money: Skilled workers/craftsmen Location California – Wine Florida- citrus
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Unformatted text preview: New York- restaurants and grocery store owners US and Italians divide the Italian groups between North and South Southern Italians- In Italy The Southern Italian Family “Amoral Familism” Honor Males – vendetta Example Romeo and Juliet Females- virginity Southern Italy’s Religion Non-Institutional Catholic Virgin Mary, Saints also “Magic” Southern Italians in America Pull- Industrial Revolution 1880 Push: overpopulation, natural disasters, taxes Money? Return Migration 5 years 1880 – 70% 1920 – 10% $1 Billion Dollars Chain Migration Numbers: 7 million Location Ethnic Enclaves: “Little Italys” Work Padrone Sweat Shops Family Women and Children Mutual Aid Societies Mafia – “Yellow Press” - “Mafia Myth” Prohibition - Al Capone Italian-Americans 20th century Blue Collar Work Skilled, still not highly educated Police, firemen, waste management, etc… Italian American Today...
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lecture,italians - New York restaurants and grocery store...

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