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J ASON R AWLS M ONDAY , M ARCH 15, 2010, F INAL Fireflies "Fireflies" is the first single from electronic artist Owl City 's Ocean Eyes . “ Relient K vocalist, Matt Thiessen , is featured as a guest singer in the song.”( He described it as "a little song about bugs and not being able to fall asleep at night, but it’s much more than that." The single has attained worldwide success, topping the charts across the globe. Upon first hearing the song, I was intrigued by the melody and simple lyrics; it wasn't until I actually questioned the artists’ intent that I began seeing the deeper meaning of Adam Young's lyrics. The song has a mixture of many different meanings. I completely agree with all of them enough to the point in which this song comes close to being my life anthem. You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep Because they'd fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere You'd think me rude but I'd just stand and stare The song starts by telling us we would "not believe" our eyes, a statement that suggests the song will cover some sort of fantastic occurrence. He talks to the listener. It seems as if the singer missed out on the opportunity to see the fireflies. He speaks of fireflies as if he was surrounded by them, but I can't help believe the fireflies are supposed to stand for a specific event or situation. Hence the question: Who would catch fireflies? The answer: innocent
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children. The song speaks about the innocence of youth and how quickly that innocence escapes us. He’d stare at them all night as it was something rude to see something so majestic, yet natural that occurs every day. “You think I’m rude.” He feels as if others don’t appreciate everything, because the speaker is staring at them in awe, yet other just looks at things dumbfounded and walks away. There are thousands of kids that never had a actually childhood. My friend, who was also my neighbor, was one of them. He grew up in a single Mother household with three siblings. And his mom was frequently drinking. He always had to act as the head, the one in
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finafirefliesl - JASON RAWLS MONDAY FINAL...

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