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Jason Rawls Journal Five Pick 3 abstract words (i.e. love, hate, greed, etc.) and make them concrete by using the 5 senses. So, for example, if you pick love, you'll write 5 different sentences: Love smells like, tastes like, looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Confidence, mercy, luck Confidence smells like morning breath, you can’t really shake it and you defiantly know when it’s there. Confidence looks like a boulder and it’s hard to move or break. Confidence taste loud and strong like medicine Confidence sounds like a gun shoe or fireworks, it’s explosive and it startles you. Confidence feels smooth and flexible Mercy smells like onions, because you tend to cry when you need it most Mercy looks like rain, because when you really want mercy you’re pouring out your soul
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Unformatted text preview: Mercy taste sour and sweet, at first it may be sour and later on it can turn into sweetness. Mercy sounds like Autumn, when everything is dying, peaceful but with a faint eerier noise. Mercy feels like Jello, its not stable; youre not always sure if you will get what you want. Luck smells like the ocean, when you leave the beach the smell still stays with you, when you get it, it stays for a while Luck look like a clover, each time I see a clover it reminds me of luck. And its usually the symbol of luck Luck taste like sugar, no matter how you get it, it is always sweat. Luck sounds like screams of joy, like when people when money and prizes on game shows Luck feels like water, it is refreshing....
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