paper 1 3 draft - Jason Rawls 1.20.10 Draft III Carpe Diem...

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Jason Rawls 1.20.10 Draft III Carpe Diem The warm air sooths us from the cold midnight air outside. We hang out all night till about One am, messing with webcams and flipping through the channel…everyone gradually leaves. And I’m left alone, about to go to sleep, the door swings open, and an aroma of sweat and beer licks my face. My new roommate and some girl comes in from an all out crazy keg drinking slopping dancing party. He screams “YEAH….you!” but stops in the middle of what he was saying, and flops onto his bed. She sits next to me and start rambling “Is there any water?. ..You have any cups?. ..He got so wasted!…hahahhah!…What’s your name? I’m Becca…Its freezing outside…Water, u have any water?”. The box of pizza I had earlier catches her eye “Mmmmh pizza can I have a slice?”… “Yeah” I say, Morgan springs up from his bed “Can I have a slice too”…”Sure”. He begins to eat then forgets to finish the rest and throws it on his desk. The girl just came to make sure my roommate got back okay. I’m stun from how drunk he is. I can’t believe he got this wasted the first week of school. Becca soon leaves, and in no time Morgan is knock out asleep on his bed It is now 4 am and I’m sleeping like a hibernating squirrel sunken down into the mattress of my bed. I suddenly feel something on my ankle and I gradually wake up slowly opening my eyes. The something on my ankle turn into a full on grip and I see Morgan next to my bed. I immediately hear a running stream of water. This entire time I’m thinking this is a dream but I 1 | P a g e
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soon realize it’s as real as college ever was. My roommate was peeing beside my bed. The running stream of water was nothing but a long stream of reeking piss. I jump up and in complete shock I can’t believe this dude is peeing at my bedside on top of my shoes and it’s splashing all on my book sack….but I can’t do anything yet because one in frozen in disgust, and
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paper 1 3 draft - Jason Rawls 1.20.10 Draft III Carpe Diem...

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