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Jason Rawls Draft Two 2.8.10 I n vi sib l e “Stop!” He was thinking to himself, “stop and turn around” but He was too far gone and embarrassed, so he kept running. He was so confused. He passed his high school and his neighborhood; he ran past the city park and kept running alongside the water until he crossed over the bridge into Gulf Breeze. He finally slowed down when he entered gulf breeze. Everyone saw him, everyone except his parents. But, it was too late for him to go back now, he couldn’t do anything, but run. “For the future, if we conduct ourselves with honor and emulate the standards set for us we will succeed in whatever we choose to do good luck to all of you for your future starts now!” As the final speech was spoken at graduation, the graduates of Smallvill High were all anxious to finally take hold of their diplomas. One by one a graduate name was being called. “Logan Bouldyard”…”Patrick Burns” As each of the graduates walked up, their honors were called out. High school was finally ending and they were all anxious to end it. His parents would be in attendance; this was a huge moment for him, and something he would never forget. Alex parents have been divorce for 12 years. His dad move across the country to be apart from him mother, and every year Alex would switch homes. His mother never had a stable home, always moving from house to house; therefore Alex was never able to have a stable set of friends. And now he was in a small town right outside of Gulf Breeze. His mom just moved there two 1
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months ago, but even though he was graduation with strangers, he was still excited. Because both of his parents would be there, together, after 12 years of divorce he was sure that he would finally see both his parents together and happy for him. “Cheri Devinny” Alex kept looking around to see any sign of his parents, but still no sign of them. There were no more than 50 graduates from his school, so it was easy to spot them out. But he still didn’t see either of them. He figured once he was on stage he would notice them. “Alexander lluvia” Alex started to get more concern and anxieties begin to build, as he got up from his seat, a drop of rain hit him, knocking him off balance. Alex trampled of over his feet a little, but caught himself. It felt like acid was slowly peeling away his skin as the raindrop crept down the back of my neck. He thought that was weird, but he didn’t pay much attention to the rain. He was getting nervous. His anxiety was growing with each step and more and more droplets of water hitting him all over, as he made his way to the stage. By the time he was on stage they were announcing all of his achievements and honors. Standing
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paper 2 draft 1 (Autosaved) - Jason Rawls Draft Two 2.8.10...

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