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Jason Rawls Clair Whatley ENC1101-01 3/24/2010 Process Memo Fireflies At first it was extremely hard to think of a song that goes with my life. There are tons of songs that could have worked but I wanted this to be more personal. I wanted to choose a song that couldn’t fit everyone lives and feelings. but the only thing was I had a really hard time trying to come up with a song that personal and dated. Because of this and because time was running out I just decided to choose a song that I have recently hear. Fireflies, I have not heard
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Unformatted text preview: any song quite like this before and I was attracted to the electronic but mellow sound of it. Therefore I choose it. And I researched it more I saw how this song conveys my life on a personal level. From the first draft to the second I mainly talked about the song. In the first paper I just broke down the song into the meaning. Then I added how my life compares to the song in the second paper. In the final I just simple corrected mistakes and elaborated on the song and the connections to my life as a whole. 1...
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