the real final draft - Jason Rawls Clair Whatley ENC1101-01...

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Unformatted text preview: Jason Rawls Clair Whatley ENC1101-01 2.3.10 Draft Final Carpe Diem We were all there, all the kids in the neighborhood. Summer sweats off our elementary faces as we enjoy the plain days of playing in the neighborhood. We had a mini ramp set up in the middle of the street. All of the kids in the neighborhood were around. This one kid who was older than all of me and my friends decided to jump it on his bike. And we all put our bikes behind the ramp to see if he could go further and jump over the bikes as well. We were all rooting him on, and watching him, and he did……almost, until his front wheel caught the end of handlebar of the last bike. He went down, hard, and went into a state of shock. Quiet fell among us. As I saw blood roll down his wrist I was frozen as he shakes uncontrollably. ~ ~ ~ It’s the night before the first day of senior year, and like every year the seniors have a huge parade coming onto the parking lot. I get a text at 8:00PM: “Everyone meet at Bayou park at 11 to tag cars…Graffiti Bridge ;p”. The sun is just now saying bye to Pensacola. The street lights shines upon the park like fireflies gazing over. Cars are pouring in one after another into Bayou Park. More people than I expect shows up. At least 70 people are, moving around 1 marking up cars, saying “09’” or “wildcats ‘09” everything had ‘09 in it and others were just socializing about. Then, everyone start to pack up and head out to Graffiti Bridge. We’re all here and there’s a ton of teens running around the bridge with spray paint. We are all over the bridge…and then...someone screams “COP!”. The kids that wasn’t taking a chance because they have been arrest too many times, or on probations, jetted. Actually we all could have gotten out of there, the cop was in a SUV and she took her sweet time parking… backing in and out. But we didn’t leave because it was Graffiti Bridge. Even the Pensacola Times calls it Graffiti Bridge. And we didn’t think it was illegal to spray paint on it. So we watch everyone else run, we stayed, thinking that we will be fine. She got out the car with her flash everyone else run, we stayed, thinking that we will be fine....
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This note was uploaded on 12/06/2010 for the course ENGLISH enc1101 taught by Professor Amy during the Spring '10 term at Florida State College.

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the real final draft - Jason Rawls Clair Whatley ENC1101-01...

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