you in - Jason Rawls 4.23.2010 You In? Have you ever forced...

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Jason Rawls 4.23.2010 You I n ? Have you ever forced yourself to do something beneficial? Of course you have. If not none of us would make any progress in our lives. We would be in the same situation and our growth would be a stand still. My alter book, is all about change, challenging, and progression throughout life. I don’t plan on doing the same thing I did last year. I have 6 pages that is significant of where I see myself in the future. I choose the title You in? Because I’m asking myself am I ready to take on what I have plan for myself. Every page I have in this book is a milestone I plan to have with in my life, when I go through each event I will not come out the same as I was before At first my alter book was going to consist of places I wanted to go, and I was going to incorporate seasons with this. Because I wanted the season to to send a sense of warmth or some type of feeling that shows how I will feel when I get there. But while I was working into my alter book. I want to show more than feeling. And there are lots of ways to show feeling other than season. Also I want to show passion about why I want to go to these places and reasons why these places mean so much to me. I decided to do place and activities that I want to do in these places. That way I will show why I want to go there, not just for the fun, but because these places mean a lot to me, and the progression and outlook of my future. All of the activities and location in my book will benefit me one way or another.
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you in - Jason Rawls 4.23.2010 You In? Have you ever forced...

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