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HOMEWORK Name: Jason Rawls Due Tuesday, July 20th, in class.  Bring 2 copies printed out – this assignment must be typed  up or it will not be accepted.   Be sure to staple it as well.  Remember to fill out the entire  homework assignment, not just parts of it.  And write it as you will speak it to the audience. Topic:  using iPods to study General purpose:  To persuade   Specific purpose:  To persuade user to use iPod’s as a study tool Thesis statement:  IPods can do a lot more than hold music; it can enhance your learning ability, therefore help you get better grades.   Three main points (write out in full sentence, not just a phrase): *** Remember, it is not just three main points like the informative speech, the 1 st  main point must  illustrate the need, the 2 nd  the satisfaction or solution and the third visualization (positive or  negative.  1. (Need)  college is the most popular form of higher education; therefore you need every little aid to get you where you want to be. The iPod can and will help. The problem is college get
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persuasive_homework - HOMEWORK Name:JasonRawls

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