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19 th Century Germans Upper and Middle class Settled based on religion Midwest ethnic enclaves (Germantown) 40% German population German Triangle- Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St. Louis Parochial schools Beer and Pianos -Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch,1860 Before the Germans came, there were pianos. Rich people owned pianos and the people who tuned them could raise the price because not many people could do it since they were not made in the U.S. but shipped here. People who could make them had to partner up with those with money to get the material to make them and they would choose to set up shop by railroads and water/rivers for transportation. They imported ivory for the keys. This builds factory based communities/manufacturing cities. Some must speak English to sell Pianos. Middle class Germans are in the beer making business in cities like Milwaukee and St. Louis, the upper class own the factory and deal with selling, and the lower class grow the crops for the beer (they are German because Americans do not know how to do this)
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AMH_10.25.10_19th_Century_Germans - 19th Century Germans...

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