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SCIENCE 238 Assignment #2 1) The Americas and Europe/Africa are approximately 3000 kilometers apart now. They are measured to be moving apart now, because of continental drift, at 0.8 centimeters per year. If this rate has been constant, how long has it been since they were in contact with each other? (Marks: 1) 2) If a comet has a perihelion at 0.9 AU and aphelion at 30 AU (a) what is the period of its orbit and (b) what is the eccentricity of its orbit?
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Unformatted text preview: (Marks: 3) 3) Suppose that we see a planet in our Solar System that we measure to have an orbital period (around the Sun) of 18.0 years. We look at it with a telescope and see that it has a moon. From repeated observations, when the planet is near or at opposition, we note that the orbit of the moon is approximately circular, with an observed radius of about 1.2 arcminutes and a period of 10 days. What is the mass of this planet? (Marks: 4)...
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