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Week Three, Discussion Question Two Your Name Here AXIA College - the University of Phoenix BEH 225 Instructor, Name Here Month and Day, 2009 Think about the last time you attended a lecture or were in a classroom. Applying the information-processing model, why did some things make it into your short-term memory and some things into your long-term memory? How can knowing this process increase your learning potential? How would you reduce the likelihood of forgetting important information? In any situation - whether it be in an arena or in a one-on one situation, I believe that information chunking and my ability to engage in most activities - including writing and listening in a rhythmic fashion [because I possess an elevated MI: “Musical” level] permit me to commit things to long-term memory easily. In all truthfulness, I try to find rhythm in what should be remembered. Once this rhythm is uncovered, information may be stored into LTM in an easy manner. Personally, chunking while listening and note taking can
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