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BEH225 Week 7 DQ 1 - who are old enough to know better –...

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Discussion Question 1: Week 7, Day 2 Your Name Here Axia College University of Phoenix BEH 225 Instructor, Name Here Month and Day, 2009 Discrimination is an attitude I do not tolerant. My attitude toward discrimination is that everyone should be given a fair chance without discrimination. Being a female, I enjoy working on cars and doing activities that some call "a mans" job. Occasionally I will catch some gender discriminating comments from the men or women at the parts store. I simply glance over at them and smile. A negative attitude: I am in opposition to children that have no manners or are discourteous to others. I am not talking about the little kids. I am talking about children
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Unformatted text preview: who are old enough to know better – right from wrong. In my opinion, akin to adults, children should have manners and behave respectfully. A number of parents are losing or have lost ground with their children and these children are running the parental structure within the families. I was reared to be respectful and to teach my kids the same ideals. Possibly my stance would change some after hearing a parent’s story on how the child ended up in control and where they (the adult) lost ground in the situation – “in the now”, I cannot say that I will or won’t be persuaded to change my stance....
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