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BEH225 Week 9 - Capstone Question

BEH225 Week 9 - Capstone Question - delves into the...

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Capstone Discussion Question Your Name Here Axia College - University of Phoenix BEH 225 Instructor, Name Here Month and Day, 2009 Do you think it is necessary for a person in your field of study to learn psychology and neuroscience? No, I do not deem it necessary (a requirement) for people in my field to learn psychology and neuroscience. I would highly recommend that person in my field learn about psychology and neuroscience, but no, I do not think it necessary. I am in continual contact with people (members of a team and the general public) while at work. While at home, the numbers drop dramatically. People are most affected by their environments. Environment affects how one thinks and perceives his or her world. If nothing more, I would suggest that all students and professionals alike partake in at least one course that
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Unformatted text preview: delves into the nomenclatures of psychology. In addition, although the content is outside of the scope of the original question, I find it notable to mention that I am a strong advocate of courses in Ethnicity. I think that students and professional would benefit tremendously as people, if each were to take courses in psychology and neuroscience as well as ethnicity and race. Upon successful completion of the aforementioned courses, it is my belief that an individual is capable of self-analysis and comprehending the behaviors of others he or she meets and what factors contribute to these behaviors. Perhaps, as in my case, a new chapter will open up and the individual will look upon others of this world in a new, in-depth perspective....
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