Week Four - PSY 265 - Discussion Question Two

Week Four - PSY 265 - Discussion Question Two - particular...

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Discussion Question Two 1 Running head: DISCUSSION QUESTION TWO Discussion Question Two University of Phoenix Discussion Question Two
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What are three components of attractiveness? Which of the three is most important to you? Why did you choose this factor? Consider, as you respond to your classmates’ posts, how their responses have had an effect on your views about attractiveness. The three components of attraction are comprised of physical attraction, gender-role expectations, and reciprocity. When it comes to which of the three is the most important to me, I would have to say that reciprocity is the most important due to the fact that I believe that this
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Unformatted text preview: particular component contains the most essence. In other words, I feel as though reciprocity is the sole component of the three that essentially pertains to both people in a mutual way. On the other hand, physical attraction mostly pertains to a person’s outward appearance; it does not necessarily speak about their attributes such as likes and dislikes, personality, ethics and morals, outlooks, etc. Reciprocity does entail the parties having an attraction towards one another in some capacity; however, I feel as though the true essence of a person is what is more important; the body in which a person occupies is solely a vessel to their soul. 2...
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Week Four - PSY 265 - Discussion Question Two - particular...

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