Week Six - PSY 265 - Discussion Question One

Week Six - PSY 265 - Discussion Question One - pertaining...

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Discussion Question One 1 Running head: DISCUSSION QUESTION ONE Discussion Question One University of Phoenix Discussion Question One
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Imagine you are talking to a friend who is having a hard time considering the abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. What are the various emotions your friend may experience before and after an abortion? Ask questions when responding to your classmates’ posts that highlight some of the concerns the young woman might have about her decision. Consider also conducting a Web search to find a site that may be of help to your friend if she does proceed with an abortion. Why do you think the site you chose may be particularly helpful to her? There are certainly numerous emotions in which my friend would be experiencing in this capacity. Prior to having an abortion, it may be that my friend would have a fear
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Unformatted text preview: pertaining to the actual childbirth process, or she just may feel too old. Her means as far as economic, psychological, familial, etc., support may be deficient, as well. Once an abortion takes place, it would be expected for her to have strong feelings of guiltiness and possibly anger; this may have to do with the abortion itself, although she may be upset at the fact that she became pregnant to begin with. There may possibly be a number of people involved in this scenario, and as such, these other people should have a stake in this decision, too – although depending on who they are, their say may not necessarily bear as much weight as the potential mother’s. When facing such a dilemma, it is essential for the woman to make a well thought out decision. 2...
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Week Six - PSY 265 - Discussion Question One - pertaining...

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