Week Three - PSY 265 - Assignment - Gender Identity

Week Three - PSY 265 - Assignment - Gender Identity - 1...

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1 Running head: GENDER IDENTITY Assignment: Gender Identity 1. YOUR NAME PSY/265 DATE NAME OF PROFESSOR Gender Identity
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Gender identity has evolved into a divisive subject as of late. A person is customarily portrayed as being a male or female according to his or her assigned sex. Various biological attributes are utilized in order to determine if a person is male or female soon after conception. Biological factors have historically been a determining factor in the identification of one’s gender; however, this determination has shifted to a more psychological approach rather than biological (Rathus, Nevid, & Fichner-Rathus, 2005). In a majority of scenarios, a person’s gender goes according to his or her chromosomal sex (Rathus, Nevid, et al., 2005). There may be variations when comparing a person’s assigned gender to a person’s gender identity, but this is said to be more of a psychological issue. Even though a person may have been considered to be male at birth, this individual does not necessarily consider himself to be male on a psychological level. It may be that this individual may be more contented as being more feminine when compared to being masculine. Basically, this individual has been deemed as male although the individual’s identity is considered to be feminine. When considering a person’s gender identity, it is important to note the differentiation from it and gender roles. Gender identity is primarily based on a biological
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Week Three - PSY 265 - Assignment - Gender Identity - 1...

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