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ie341project_phase4_final - IE 341 Phase IV With all the...

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IE 341 Phase IV With all the conditions being the same as the first phase, we decided to take the same LINGO program as the first phase and tweak it by adding a cost, CF , for the Carbon footprint (See Appendix D1 ). With the new constraint, profit has decreased dramatically from $938,633 to $777,049 ( See Appendix D2 ). In the plant at Decorah, production levels will be 1409 tons and at an efficiency rate of 10 tons per worker per month, which will require 141 workers. Likewise, the Sheldon plant will need 120 employees to produce the 1200 tons of feed. After looking over the new output information from LINGO, the following goals and constraints where developed for Phase IV by each of the plant managers: Increase domestic production by 10 people for both Decorah and Sheldon plants Keep carbon emission levels 5.5% lower than the original objective function Have a production level of 1450 for the Shanghai plant Keep monthly profit at or above $760,000
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