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Genre - western/war/action melodrama with physical space...

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Genre 1)myth 2)conventions 3)iconography Types of Genre 1) Tragedy (man being boundless; not really used today because of secular age and anti-heroism) 2) Comedy (man having limits; intellectual genre; keeps you at a distance, sugar-coated pill) 3) Melodrama (like real life and can be recognized; significance of emotions; happy endings, realization of characters; 2 types: family/romance/male/female melodrama with psychic space use and
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Unformatted text preview: western/war/action melodrama with physical space use; contrast moral values(obvious bad guy and good guy)) Where the thrust of the film lies is what the genre belongs to. Genres are aesthetically neutral. 1895-1928: codification 1929-1945: classical 1946-1962: post-classical 1963-1978: modernist 1977-present: Post-modernist...
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