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PostModernismstudy guide - Victor/Victoria (This film is...

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(This film is classified as modern in the blue book, but Annie asked me to include some examples of how it fits into post-modernism) The cartoony nature of some of the gags (the way her voice shatters glass, the strange Pink Panther-esque detective who keeps getting his fingers caught in doors, etc.) suggest a disregard for reality The film takes place in an extremely nostalgic rendering of a 1930's Paris that never really existed, Many of the dance sequences are pastiche references of earlier musical film forms from the 1930's through the 1960's. They are meant to be evocative of the earlier forms of film musicals, aren't always satirical (although some are, for example the scene where Toddy sings instead of Victoria vs the scene when they sing a duet in the gay club which is not satirical, but referencing Sinatra or Crosby 1950's musicals with duet scenes) Clash of high and low culture : the film is portraying something which was considered low art, jazz music was popular music and considered low art next to opera and classical music in the 1930's, and treating it on the same level as opera without missing a beat. A few modern characteristics: o It’s extremely self-conscious Editing in the early restaurant scenes are filled with jarring cuts Begins with a shot-reverse-shot between Victoria standing outside of the window and a man eating inside. After going back and forth a few times, it cuts back to where Victoria had previously been (she fainted). The humor comes from undermining our understanding of the shot/reverse shot. The restaurant chaos scene ends with a sudden
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PostModernismstudy guide - Victor/Victoria (This film is...

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