Week 8 - Realism and Formalism

Week 8 - Realism and Formalism - mode of...

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mode of representation/style definition: general pole around which the film revolves types: objective vs. subjective objective – realism subjective - formalism realism manner of representation that attempts a 1:1 correspondance between the way things are and the way these things are depicted, imitated, and rendered depicted through mimetic tradition of art most realistic art has some subjective part realism doesn’t confer any special value; no guarantee of truth 1. nature of the film medium and objective renderings 2. realism as a method 3. realism as an attitude of mind realist interested in relative truth; verifiable through experience interested in effect of action tend to explore motivation, psychological dimension sociological dimension to realistic work; character in society critical of status quo, whether blatant or not deals with common, average people in day-to-day situations ambiguous endings, optimism is tempered content more important than form realist demystifies reality
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Week 8 - Realism and Formalism - mode of...

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