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Week 9 - Production Process

Week 9 - Production Process - of dailies IV...

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the production process I. development time personnel and their functions film must be immediately accessible and easily understood readily translate into visual terms intersect with other discourses II. pre-production six months line producer – breaks down film’s budget and schedules day-to-day activities above the line cost: creative talent below the line: fixed salaries of everyone else, purchases and rentals negative cost: combination of above and below the line costs director of photography and production designer scout locations assistant director devises shooting schedule head of each team chooses members III. principal photograpy/shooting stage 2 months “shooting time”= total number of days required to collect all footage shooting ratio: amount of film exposed divided by anticipated length of film director’s team runs production production design team: visual and aural incarnation of a setting editing team starts working on transfer and synching
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Unformatted text preview: of dailies IV. post-production/assembly stage 6 months-2 years editing team performs the picture assembly/story editing: transfers film footage onto a video or digital support, edits in a digital system, outputs back to film sound and music teams perform the sound editing, scoring, and sound mixing edited picture is married with edited and mixed sound answer print: print of the final product to be used as a master for generating copies V. rating, marketing, and distribution rating board: screens the film and determines a rating marketing: film market/trade show (showing a “rough preview” at an event, publicity (talk show appearances, local news coverage, press stories), advertising (TV spots, magazine ads, billboards, posters), merchandising (T-shirts, books, soundtracks, etc.), audience research (concept studies before production), sneak previews after production...
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Week 9 - Production Process - of dailies IV...

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