Week 11 - postclassical phase

Week 11 - postclassical phase - genre part 2: the...

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genre part 2: the post-classical period (1946-1962) conditions and causes for genre experimentation in american film 1. the post-war years of transition (1946-1962) america is starting to truly change, movie genre follows female begins to get sense of self; starts seeing problems with culture women is no longer simply victim female identity crisis, mental institutions, etc. woman older than man, menopausal female drama showing women in settings considered masculine television>radio>film; television shows old movies creators want to do something different; can’t do for money what you can get for free on television 2. creator and consumer sophistication to compete with television: color, wide screens, stereophonic sound, etc. setting: movies filmed on location 3. technological developments 4. easing of censorship 5. the breakup of the studio system and the mode of independent production producer, director, actor gets movie started films begin to have signatures product became individualized
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Week 11 - postclassical phase - genre part 2: the...

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