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Week 13 - postmodernist phase

Week 13 - postmodernist phase - genre part 4 the...

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genre part 4: the postmodernist period (1977-present) historical concept & aesthetic sensibility correlate emergence of new formal features in culture/economic order (modernization, post-industrial society, etc.) with representation of culture thematic and formal resolution to modernism a. conditions and causes for postmodernism in american film 1. the postmodern condition, 1977-present 2. the emphasis on business and technology 3. youth culture b. postmodernism 1. a periodizing concept 2. an aesthetic sensibility a. disregard and disrespect for “reality” (regard for technology and business, though) Charles Walters – stepping out with my baby, 11 o’clock number. Jan. 26, 1997 – telecast during superbowl, flashing sequence from easter parade; fred dancing with a dirt devil vacuum cleaner b. the erasure of the distinction between high and low culture into a commodity called “pop culture” versace, mixing high fashion with garbage robert de niro in meet the fockers
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