Cinema Lecture – Week 7

Cinema Lecture – Week 7 - goes across art...

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Cinema Lecture – Week 7 21:04 Mode of representation and style: -General style: Film is very objective/subjective in how they deal with reality. OBJECTIVE RENDERINGS OF REALITY: -Realism: It is the manner of representation that attempts a one to one  correspondence between the way things are and the way reality is rendered.  Mimetic tradition. Even in the most realist piece of art, there has got to be some  subjectivity. Just because a film is realist, it does not mean that it is truthful. Realism as an attitude of mind   Deals with man and his relationship with  society; psychological dimensions; sociological dimensions. Realist likes to deal  with common, average people in day to day situations. Realist deals with graphic  situations – sex, violence, etc. Realism does not have happy endings – vague  endings. A realist breaks reality down – analyses society, demystifies it. Realism 
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Unformatted text preview: goes across art forms – not limited to film. Many degrees of realism – defined by space and time. Relationship between context and mode of realism. Naturalism in film went beyond realism. Realism is culturally inscribed based on the space and time in which is belongs. Realism is topical – people can relate to it. REALIST FILM MAKERS:-Formalist: Does not want to imitate reality, wants to recreate it. Subjective impression of his vision of the tree. Q: Do different media change the rendering of realism? A: Yes. Formal properties of media change the representation. What’s behind formalists?-Focus is not on reality, but their impression of reality. Formalism is also a culturally prescribed term. Important thing is not reality, but subjective reality. Lucas and Spielberg created a new style of realism – hi-tech style. 21:04 21:04...
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Cinema Lecture – Week 7 - goes across art...

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