Cinema Lecture – Week 13

Cinema Lecture – Week 13 - Personal taste:...

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Cinema Lecture – Week 13 22:06 Content   Films very pervasive in global culture. Therefore, content is important. films must be responsible   must be liable to answer when called upon. Representation of vulgarity, sex, and other content on screen. We are the ultimate judge of a films responsibility   film criticism. Film criticism   to get something out of something. Critical judgment helps us make movies discerning. “better audiences make better movies.” Movies help make a cultural resonate. Film criticism goes beyond reviewing the movie. It brings about eloquence. Discrepancy between watching a movie and writing about it is due to: o DVDs, Blu Ray, Movies on TV o Lack of knowledge on technical terms o Lack of ability to grasp a movie with only one watch
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Unformatted text preview: Personal taste: has to do with personal likes/dislikes and personal opinions affecting judgment of a film. Critical judgment: Why a movie is good/bad. With reasoning. o When personal taste merges with critical judgment shows growth. o Knowledge of life helps make better critical judgments on film. Film is a very young field only about 100 years old. Critical supposition stay close to the text. o Trust your instincts. What makes a movie good or bad? Element of complexity depth. Coherence Intensity of effect holds you. Originality audacity. Personality must have its own passion, perception, etc. 22:06 22:06...
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Cinema Lecture – Week 13 - Personal taste:...

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