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Mini Report Guidelines-1 - one another? Do you accept or...

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Mini Report Guidelines Mini Report is due at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 14. Submit all assignments as email attachments to Entitle the attachment using the following convention: BIL151K4 comma lab number.doc/docx. For instance, BIL151K4,#1.doc. At the beginning, indicate the full names of your team members and their contributions to the experiment and report, e.g. ideas, experiment design, experiment performance, discussion, writing etc. Introduction: stating the purpose of the experiment, your null hypothesis and predicted results (remember that the prediction is a more detailed version of the hypothesis). Methods: should be kept short. However, sufficient detail should be provided so that any other reader can understand and repeat what you did. Results: Does your p value indicate that your two means are different from
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Unformatted text preview: one another? Do you accept or reject your null hypothesis? Conclusions and Discussion: What interesting phenomena did you observe in your experiment? What was your groups conclusion about your experiment and original question you posed about the case study? If you have chance to repeat this experiment again, what improvements will you make? What further hypothesis you will address based on your results of this experiment? And you may also want to talk about your design of future experiment(s) to test the further hypothesis. * References (you will probably need some references to write a good discussion.) In addition to the previous guidelines I've given you, you might also want to refer to Appendix I, II and III....
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Mini Report Guidelines-1 - one another? Do you accept or...

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