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LOUISIANA REDEEMERS I. THE BOURBONS A. CHARACTERISTICS a. Southern wing of the democrats b. Conservative c. Pro Business d. Redeeming the south by regaining power e. Appealed to scalawags  f. Christian  B. OPPOSITION a. Republicans b. Freedmen II. REDEMPTION IN LOUISIANA A. GOVERNOR FRANCIS T. NICHOLLS a. Attorney b. General in Confederate Army
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c. Election into the white house of President Hayes  essentially ended the power of radical republicans  during reconstruction d. Gained majority of votes i. Republicans controlled the board and cited  irregularities and declared Pakard the winner e. Compromise of 1877 i. President Hayes recognized Nicholls as the  winner ii. In return for Louisiana’s electoral votes
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Unformatted text preview: B. CONSTITUTION OF 1879 a. Chaired by Nicholls b. Returned capitol from New Orleans to Baton Rouge c. Created different courts i. Supreme ii. Appeals iii. district III. NATIVE CORRUPTION - THE McENERY ADMINISTRATION a. Hampered by state treasurer i. Edward Burke 1. controlled state funds ii. Louisiana State Lottery Company 1. controlled the legislature and levee construction contracts IV.NICHOLLS RETURNS a. Fought the corrupt Louisiana lottery i. Lost 1. supreme court revoked dissolution of the lottery 2. although federal government outlawed the use of mails to sell lottery tickets V. LEGACY OF REDEMPTION...
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