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Thursday, October 23, 2008 10:06 AM 1. Population o 5x that of the US 300 Million in the US o 1.5 Billion people o Largest English speaking population in the world 2. Manchu Dynasty o One of the most disastrous in Chinese History o Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Saved China from the Manchu Emphasized three principles: 1. China for the Chinese 2. Genuine participatory democracy 3. A decent livelihood for everyone o Overthrown in 1912 3. Goumindang o Began to impose itself after the Civil War o Won power in 1920 o Chiang Kai-Shek Trained in military academies Becomes main power after Yat-Sen dies in 1925 o The Soviet Union came to the aid of China Kai-Shek visited Moscow Returned with Soviet advisors China begins to become communist o April 1927 Russians try to capture Shanghai Most important port Most heavily industrialized area The Goumindang stopped the uprising The Communist Party o Mao Zedong Lead the Communist push o After the attempt at Shanghai, it was nearly destroyed o Nearly 80% of its members o Chang Kai-Shek kicked the Russian advisors out of China Secured his power
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78ee12b27a0b63f30b405e6c0170edbb - China Thursday, October...

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