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Thursday, November 20, 2008 10:20 AM 1. Uruguay o Had long been considered the best chance of reform and democracy in Latin America o Between 1955-1970, the GDP declined by 16% while inflation rose 9000% o The Middle Class called in the military to seize power and render control o 1/8 of Uruguay's 4M population was either exiled or arrested 2. Chile o President Eduardo Frei (1964-1970) o The lower class revolted in a Marxist party Socialists/Communists Salbador Allende o The Nixon Administration asked the CIA to intervene The CIA led a revolt in Chili In 1973, there was a military coup in Chile Augusto Pinochet Military leader One of the most notorious military dictatorships 3. Illegal Drugs o During the 1960's, America had developed a great taste for drugs o Latin American countries lead the export of illegal drugs In Columbia, cocaine is the #2 export, after coffee o Drug Lords in Latin America have great power 4. "The Alliance for Progress" o Kennedy's proposition to provide money and products for Latin America to develop the economy o Hoped to prevent revolutions such as the one in Cuba o The U.S. became the sponsor of many military coups because the revolutionaries were friendly to America President Carter ended this Andrew Young Ambassador of Good Will in Latin America Sought an end to American involvement in Latin America Brought "Interest Sections" with Cuba o Panama Canal Treaty 7 Sept 1977 Gave the Panama Canal and the Panama Canal Zone to Panama o After revolutions in Nicaragua and El Salvador, it was apparent that the U.S. would need to intervene in Latin America again
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abe41f97533821dbd47aa0075bb6eb40 - Gov'ts & Revolutions...

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